WaterLily recharges with nature, using water or wind to charge your devices while you explore the outdoors. It’s perfect for campers, hikers, and paddlers.

This eco-friendly charger charges all USB cameras, smartphones, power banks, and tablets by converting moving wind or water into energy. In addition, the faster the wind or water, the faster the device charges.

Featuring a rugged and compact design, WaterLily allows you to charge your devices in any outdoor situation. In fact, you can even use WaterLily in the ocean thanks to its corrosion-resistant components.

Simply clean it after using it in salt water to keep it in good condition.

Along with the WaterLily Turbine, you also receive two stainless steel carabiners, four stainless steel lanyards, and a paracord.

It also comes with a rechargeable 2600 mAh battery.

Why is WaterLily the best outdoor and portable power source?

Charge While You Sleep
Capture energy 24/7, even while you sleep.

Travel Friendly
Compact, lightweight, and durable. Perfect for travel.

Water or Wind
Efficient blade design works in water or wind.

Charge in Any Weather
Capture Energy in rain, shine, sleet or snow.


WaterLily USB

 $ 159.99 CDN


  • WaterLily USB charges your USB devices using Water or Wind.
  • Power Smartphones, Battery Banks, Cameras, Camp Lights, Speakers, GPS, and more!
  • Up to 15W of power
  • Capture energy while you sleep! Set up WaterLily overnight for full batteries in the morning
  • Durable, shockproof housing and weatherproof design
  • The Waterlily has an unlimited immersion time and can be used at a maximum depth of nearly 11 thousand metres. (Waterlilyturbine.com)
  • Dimension: 7” x 7” x 3” (180 mm x 180 mm x 76 mm)
  • Weight: 1.3 kg

Users get the most out of WaterLily in an overnight setup. Set up your turbine to fill a battery bank, and have full charge for your devices by morning! The faster the water or wind, the faster WaterLily charges.

We’ve outlined some sample 0-100% charge rates in water below.*



iPhone 7



GoPro Hero5

2.2 mph flow

2.3 hours

1.7 hours

1.8 mph flow

4.5 hours

3.3 hours

Switch to m/s

*The charge rate of a device is limited by its internal circuitry. Your device’s max charge rate may be lower than what WaterLily can produce.

Any USB devices can be charged with WaterLily. Most commonly charged are cell phones, action cameras, and battery banks.

Solar users are forced to charge only when the sun is at its highest point, if the weather cooperates. WaterLily users can charge whenever they please, as the flow of water is constant – even while they are sleeping.

We’ve put together a post that compares the two options in more detail – Read it here. 

What’s In The Box

  • WaterLily Turbine
  • User manual
  • 25′ 550 paracord
  • 2 x stainless steel carabiner
  • 4 x 300 mm stainless steel lanyard

5 V regulated USB output
Maximum power output: 15 W
Direct charging cord length: 3 m (10 ft)

In Water

Minimum flow required: 1 km/h (0.7 mph)
Flow for peak power output (15 W): 5.8 km/h (3.6 mph)
Maximum water speed: 11 km/h (6.8 mph)

In Wind

Minimum wind speed required: 10.8 km/h (6.7 mph)
Wind speed for peak power output (15 W): 58 km/h (36 mph)
Maximum wind speed: 90 km/h (55 mph)

User Guide


FREE Worldwide Shipping Above $75

WaterLily ships worldwide. We have customers in 45 countries and counting! Shipping charges can be seen on the cart page before checking out.

Canada and Contiguous U.S.
3-5 Business Days

International Shipping

10-20 Business Days depending on location

Click here for full shipping details.


What types of devices can WaterLily charge?

WaterLily USB can charge any USB powered devices. Most commonly charged are cell phones, cameras, satellite phones, USB battery banks, and bluetooth speakers.
WaterLily 12V can charge devices such as larger power stations, portable electric generators, and even lead acids found on sailboats and RVs.

Where can I buy WaterLily?

We sell WaterLily USB, WaterLily 12V, and all accessories on our website. From here we can ship worldwide!

On Amazon.com and Amazon.ca you can also purchase WaterLily USB. We’ll be adding WaterLily 12V and accessories to Amazon in time for the holiday season!

Can I get different connectors for my WaterLily 12V?

We designed WaterLily 12V to be as versatile as possible, and have included an SAE output. We’ve outlined some of our favorite types of adapters in this blog that will get you on your way.

What if there is no river nearby and it isn’t windy?

WaterLily’s Hand Crank accessory was designed for this situation. However, we wouldn’t recommend charging a device fully this way.

What is the warranty?

Included in your purchase is a 1 year limited warranty on defects in workmanship and materials under normal use.

What is the return policy?

Our return policy can be seen on this page. 

Can I tow WaterLily behind my canoe or kayak?

Yes! We’re working on accessories to make this even easier.

How does WaterLily compare to a portable solar panel?

WaterLily has been designed to continuously charge your devices for 24 hours a day. As the system relies on natural resources such as wind or water, users are not forced to wait on ideal sunny conditions to charge their devices. Even if wind or water are not available, users can charge with our optional hand crank.

We’ve put together a blog post that talks about using solar panels for charging – Read it here

Can I use WaterLily in the ocean?

Yes, the components are all corrosion resistant! However we do recommend cleaning your WaterLily after prolonged use in saltwater.

Do you ship outside of Canada and the USA?

WaterLily ships worldwide. We have customers in over 40 countries and growing. International orders are billed in USD, and customs and duties are paid for by the customer.

When will I receive my WaterLily?

Orders placed today will ship within 1-3 business days.

Can I mount WaterLily on a bike?

Yes! We have some customers that use WaterLily on their bikes. We’re working on some accessories to make this even easier.

Selling around the world

Since April 1 they’ve had pre-orders at a discounted cost of $159 CDN from 18 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, France, Sweden, Netherlands, the U.K., Japan, the U.S., Canada, Russia, and Germany.

People like it. People love the outdoors, people love technology, so they like to bring their devices.

This will allow you to just go a little bit further, will give you peace of mind when you’re out in the bush and your trip is longer than you expect. You’ll have a source of power to keep you going.


What do you think of the WaterLily Turbine Camping USB Charger? Please leave your comments or questions in the box below and I will be happy to reply. Thanks for reading my post.

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